Guard Your Heart From Fear

. Proverbs 4:23 . The Holy Spirit brought this scripture to mind one night last week. . I knew absolutely why… . I had been allowing myself to be unnecessarily stressed and engulfed in matters beyond my control. . The stress, fear, and worry are caused by none other than myself. Why? . The truth […]

Transforming “Unworthiness” Into Demonstrations of Love

I recently became emotionally aware of the immense difficulty I’ve had accepting compliments and accolades, as if somehow I am undeserving.  I know that I invest countless hours, money, and energy into my family, my students, my career–into people.  I know that I’m self-reflective, my heart and intentions are pure, yet it’s so difficult to […]

YOU ARE Enough

The next time someone, including yourself,  has the audacity to ask, “Who do you think you are,” whether it is asked in word, deed, thought, action, or reaction, you respond boldly and unconventionally with, “I AM WHO I AM,” and that’s enough. It is not blasphemy, and neither is it arrogance.  It is not the […]

Loving Yourself Through Jesus

Learn to ACCEPT your flaws and CELEBRATE your STRENGTHS. . ALLOW yourself room for GROWTH, and be PATIENT with yourself and GOD during the PROCESS. . FORGIVE yourself and others for past mistakes. It’s crucial for healing. . Learn to LOVE yourself UNCONDITIONALLY. . How? . Letting JESUS work in and though you. For He […]

Calm & Well Balanced

Dear God, . Thank you for helping me to find my voice–for allowing me to experience situations that force me to speak up for myself and to set boundaries. . In these situations, you’ve allowed opportunity to overcome my fear of offending others. . For years I’ve silenced myself, denied myself, compromised myself–out of fear […]

Believe God and Trust Yourself in Him

I recently realized something about myself.  Part of my transparency with where I am in life has been rooted in self-doubt. God will give me a word, or place something in my Spirit, and I feel the desire to move on it burning in my bones. I feel the discomfort. I see the chaos and […]