An Educator’s Psalm to Jesus

I find it to be intriguing that in one of the most popular Psalms known to man, David characterized Jesus as being a shepherd—the exact same occupation that David held before he became King.  It makes sense that David would compare the Lord to a Shepherd.  It was the one occupation that David was most familiar with. A shepherd cares for his flock. He knows his flock and leads them to provision. He protects them from predators. He will fight to defend them at any and all costs. His sheep can rest easy knowing their shepherd well enough to completely trust that they can follow him down any path. 

 As an educator, I’d like to share my own Psalm—characterizing Jesus as the ultimate teacher.

 The Lord is my most beloved and adored Teacher.

He teaches me everything I know.

Day to day he brings new revelation and understanding.

Innovating and engaging in his techniques,

There is never a dull moment with Him.

Of all of His magnificence that I’ve experienced,

Still, He never ceases to amaze me.

I long to be under the teaching of my Lord,

For it’s food to my soul.

He motivates me.

He excites me.

He strategically identifies and addresses all of my misconceptions and areas of weakness.

There is not one question left unanswered. 

None of my questions are too difficult for Him.

He is never caught off guard.

Though He challenges me to grow, He builds my confidence in myself and in Him.

He pushes me past my “limit,”

Always being sure that the lesson and learning goal are accessible.

There is no failure in Christ!

Mastery of the soul and preparation for Purpose is the goal.

There is no competition in Him,

He has no teacher’s pet.

All of His students have a specified Purpose and Individualized Education Plan.

He knows each and every individual need and is a true Master at differentiating and meeting the needs of ALL of his pupils.

And oh, how so very patient he is!

How loving is He during my learning process.

I can see him as he gently touches my shoulder and looks down upon me with the most heavenly and gracious smile.

His touch is healing.

His smile brings comfort.

If I still don’t get it, he kneels down and meets me face to face, eye to eye—

He meets me right where I am.

I am safe.

I am loved.

He says, “Take all the time you need. I’ll be right here until you get it.”

But there is nothing like our personalized intimate sessions–

When it’s just Him and I.

He simultaneously feeds and edifies my soul.

Preparing me for the next level,

He affirms and confirms.

When he corrects me, I humbly yield to his chastening,

Because I trust Him.

Love is at the core of his instruction and discipline.

His agenda is always pure.

Teacher of the year would be robbery,

For He is Teacher of a Lifetime.

For eternity He holds the title and crown,

Adonai—Lord, Master, Teacher, JESUS.


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