Believe God and Trust Yourself in Him

I recently realized something about myself.  Part of my transparency with where I am in life has been rooted in self-doubt. God will give me a word, or place something in my Spirit, and I feel the desire to move on it burning in my bones. I feel the discomfort. I see the chaos and imbalance manifested in my life for the purpose of pushing me to make a move.  Yet, I still doubt. I talk about it and talk about it–looking for someone to validate me. The problem is that no one can truly do that! God’s validation is the only one that counts. Once He says it’s so, IT IS SO!

In my mind I know this.  I just have to continue to work on getting this in my heart.

There are two reasons why I won’t every receive the validation that I’m subconsciously seeking from man:

  1. Not everyone “speaks my same language.”  No matter how much they may like, admire, and respect me, if they are not saved and if they are saved, but have not yet come into the realization of who God truly is and who they truly are in Christ, they won’t be able to fathom the things of God.
  2. My relationship with God is personal.  When God gives me a word, a vision, an assignment, it is personal.  It is for ME to initiate, act on, and carry out. Even if I am sharing with people who do “speak my same language,” they are only able to do as much as God has assigned them to do as it concerns my assignment–the assignment He has given ME!  Even if they are called to play huge roles in supporting to me to bring the vision to fruition, it is still the vision that God gave ME, and it won’t come to pass unless I make the necessary moves and decisions.  I am the life and breath of the vision. I was anointed with it. My supporters can do no more than to align themselves with the vision.  They can’t even validate, or invalidate because they don’t have the authority to do so.

Lesson? When God tells you something, believe it! When God says, “Go,” go speedily! His word is your validation. Move on it prayerfully, in obedience, and without delay.

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