New Year, New Revelations, New Direction!

In this past year, I have continued to grow as a person–allowing myself the space to make mistakes, to be imperfect, and to receive Truth.  I’ve been continuing to release the need to people please, release the fear of not being accepted, and that of judgment.  I’ve worked on setting healthy boundaries, balancing my responsibilities–including the responsibility to my own mental, emotional and physical health.  Have I been proficient in every one of these areas this past year? No, I haven’t.  But I have begun to do the necessary work to grow and become triumphant in these areas.

The biggest change in me this past year has been the change in who I perceive God to be, and the manner in which we access Him. I still believe that God is real.  I believe that I am one with the Spirit of God.  I believe that each person’s journey is unique to them; And their journey to discover who God is and who they are in God could be through Christ, or through any other denomination, or religion.  No matter what name we give the divine Spirit, it is still God.  There is only ONE God.

I no longer believe that my religion, Christianity, is the only way for one to access God.  God is all around us.  [He] is within us.  [He] is in every breath, in every move, in every brush of the wind. [He] is in every sight, every step, every move we make.  God is inevitable.  God is one being, all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere at the same time.  God is uncontainable and unable to be confined to any one religion.  God is God.  What religion you engage in to serve and connect with [him] is not what’s important.  What’s important is that you engage in relationship with [Him], consistently and completely, to discover who He is and who you were given time on this earth to be.

I believe that there are no mistakes, and that there is NO judgment in God.  The consequence to my actions is the judgment in itself.  Every part of my life is necessary for me to work out my soul’s purpose.  Every part is necessary for growth and to push me one step closer to FREEDOM and true KNOWLEDGE of the divinity that abides inside of me.

I’m moving differently since this inner shift has taken place.  I’m expecting different, I’m seeing things differently, because I’m believing differently.  Because of this inner shift, like the tectonic plates beneath Earth’s surface, I’ve seen some things being visibly shaken up in my life.  I can’t see it right now, but when it settles, some things will have shifted and come together, some things will have drifted away, and in someways my “territory” will have been enlarged.  All in all, it’s working together for my good.  I’m moving in the right direction–no such thing as a wrong one.  Life is about the journey–not the destination…as long as I’m alive, any direction in which I move has purpose.

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