The Walk


I walked.

While children were still asleep,

While the air felt the freshest,

While I could still hear the birds,

And while the grass was still wet with dew,

I walked.

I thanked God for life and health.

I spoke to, and rebuked the ugly thoughts that tried to sabotage my mind,

And I asked God to take charge of my thinking

As I continued to walk.

I tried to quiet my mind as I walked.

Funny how even being surrounded by stillness, I have to put forth effort to keep my mind still.

I thought about my family as I walked.

Dreamed about road trips we’d take across country as I walked.

Oh how enjoyed the quiet time with God this morning as

I walked.

And as I walked, I thought about yesterday.


I watched in awe as my Zayda performed a monologue that she wrote.

I observed in admiration yet another piece of my Zoey’s artwork.

I laughed in shock at the wit of my Zailey.

Each time, I wanted to post and share with the world…but God said, “No.”


I listened.

As God said, “Their gifts are to glorify ME, not you. Don’t take away from the moment by rushing to display them to the world. In due time, I will put them on display for MY glory, and not yours.”


I obeyed.

And my mommy tank was filled even more than usual.


As I walked,

I was inspired to write this.

So, I did without delay.

Thank you, God, for today.

Thank you, God, for

The Walk.

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