God’s Word Stands Alone

One lesson that the Holy Spirit has been ministering to me about lately is the importance of being able to stand alone in confidence in what God tells me. If He gives me a word and/or a peace about something, I should be able to go forward on that word with confidence and boldness.

Friends and family (those closest to you) may not always understand and may not always be fully on board with your convictions. Their season and experiences necessary for growth during that time may be vastly different from yours. Further more, their faith may not be where yours is and vice versa. Their relationship with God is theirs, and yours is yours.

When God gives you a word, it is for YOU unless He tells you otherwise. Don’t fret if you don’t get the reactions you expect from others. Get excited by yourself and with God. Be your own cheerleader. Because regardless of what anyone else says or thinks, if God said it’s so, then IT IS SO. And I believe that God can only work as quickly and as miraculously as your Faith allows.

The enemy (Satan) and his minions work overtime attempting snatch the Word, promises, peace and every other God given gift away from us. He does it through our own minds (thoughts) and sometimes through those that we love, respect, or admire. And they are not always aware of how the enemy is attempting to use them.

This is why it’s so important to remain steadfast and immovable by remaining immersed in God’s presence and in His word. Remind yourself daily (and aloud) of His promises and what He tells you. Speak to the atmosphere (the enemy and prince of the airwaves–satan). Anything that opposes what God has already told you must come under subjection and obedience to the Knowledge of God. Amen.

Numbers 23:19

Isaiah 55:10-13

Psalms 34:2

John 10:10

2 Corinthians 10:3-6

Ephesians 3:20

Matthew 9:29

Luke 8:48

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