Infiltration Alert

. Protect your space. I’m sensing, in the Spirit, high levels of infiltration and/or attempts thereof. . Attempts to infiltrate peace of mind, home, family, finances, God ordained relationships/friendships/connections, your jobs, health, purpose & destiny! . By the power & authority of Jesus Christ, whose Spirit lives inside of me, I bind every demon and […]

Giving With Purpose

When I used to hear, “Give in your greatest times of need,” I used to be so confused. I understood the concept. Trust God. Demonstrate your Faith by not focusing on your circumstance, but rather on your present blessings along with those of the future–being in a state of expectation according to God’s promises. You […]

Effective Prayer, Or Not? Reflecting on Why You Haven’t Received What You’ve Asked For–Part III

Part 3 in a three part reflection as to how to more effectively get your prayers answered. Join me as I share biblical reflections and reflective questions and answers encountered in my one on one time with Abba, daddy in heaven–asking for wisdom and understanding as to why many of my prayers hadn’t yet been answered.