An Educator’s Psalm to Jesus

I find it to be intriguing that in one of the most popular Psalms known to man, David characterized Jesus as being a shepherd—the exact same occupation that David held before he became King.  It makes sense that David would compare the Lord to a Shepherd.  It was the one occupation that David was most […]

Winning Like Christ

When God has delivered your enemies into your hands.  Do not lord it over them.  Do not hold them hostage with guilt, or torment them with shame.  For what?  At this point, the Lord has already given you the victory!  Remember, you are not warring against them. You are warring against a spirit that they […]

Victory is Yours, Soldier!

God is faithful to expose the enemy’s “playbook” so that you’re better equipped for the win.  When you recognize and are knowledgeable of the strategies and tactics of the enemy against your health, finances, your family, your workplace, your livelihood, your relationships, etc. you can wage war in the Spirit with intentionality and, ultimately, Victory.  […]